About AnikaWellness

AnikaWellness curates meta-medical information for patients. "Meta-data" refers to information about the data. "Meta-medical" refers to information about medicine. For example, we will publish information about clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare providers. The less viscous this information is, the more resources they can put to your health (rather than marketing to you).


Our mission is to make finding the right healthcare provider easier.


We see a future where primary care physicians - family physicians - can practice in the manner of their choosing, unencumbered by the existing fraudulent healthcare system that deprive our patients of the care they should be able to afford. These physicians would prefer to spend their resources on being better doctors, not marketeers. We hope to make finding them easier for you.

Who is Anika?

Anika actually refers to Anika May, M.D. Anika is a board-certified family physician and mother of two.

Anika earned her M.D. at the University of Michigan Medical School and completed her residency in Family and Community Medicine at University of California, Davis.

In 2012, she left the UC Davis Primary Care Network where she had been practicing. She was a physician at the Peach Tree Clinic in Marysville. and currently practices medicine at North Valley Indian Health.