In Vitro Fertilization Clinical Trial Using freezing embryos by vitrification, fresh embryo transfers, buserelin, recombinant FSH and human chorionic gonadotropin (pregnyl)

- The folks at Yazd Research & Clinical Center for Infertility are studying the effects of freezing embryos by vitrification; fresh embryo transfers; buserelin; recombinant FSH; human chorionic gonadotropin (pregnyl) on In Vitro Fertilization in females ages 18 years to 38 years. This clinical trial is slated to start August 2008 and is expected to end circa December 2009.

homa oskouian, Dr
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Recruitinghoma oskouian, Drhomaoskouian@gmail.com3518247085

This study is officially titled, "Can Fresh Embryo Transfers be Replaced by Cryopreserved-thawed Embryo Transfers in Assisted Reproductive Cycles?."


: Research and clinical center for infertility

Yazd, Iran, Islamic Republic of - Recruiting

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