Colorectal Cancer Clinical Trial Using panitumumab, erlotinib hydrochloride and irinotecan hydrochloride

- The folks at Northwestern University are studying the effects of panitumumab; erlotinib hydrochloride; irinotecan hydrochloride on Colorectal Cancer in individuals ages 18 years and older. This clinical trial is slated to start July 2009 and is expected to end circa July 2016.

Al Benson, MD
Overall Study Contact Info
StatusName Contact Phone
RecruitingAl Benson, MDABenson@nmff.org312-695-6180

This study is officially titled, "A Randomized Phase II Study of Dual Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Inhibition With Erlotinib and Panitumumab With or Without Irinotecan as Second Line Therapy in Patients With Metastatic Colorectal Cancer."


Cancer Care & Hematology Specialists of Chicagoland

Arlington Heights, Illinois - Recruiting

Northwestern University, Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation

Chicago, Illinois - Recruiting

Hematology/Oncology Associates

Chicago, Illinois - Recruiting

Joliet Oncology-Hematology Associates, Ltd.

Joliet, Illinois - Recruiting

Hope Cancer Center

Terre Haute, Indiana - Recruiting

Cancer Center of Kansas

Wichita, Kansas - Not yet recruiting

Nebraska Methodist Hospital

Omaha, Nebraska - Recruiting

Mercy Clinic Oncology and Hematology

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Recruiting

The Jones Clinic

Germantown, Tennessee - Recruiting

For more study details, please visit this link to record, which is the source of this webpage.