Gastric Cancer Clinical Trial Using cisplatin, capecitabine and trastuzumab [Herceptin]

- The folks at Hoffmann-La Roche are studying the effects of trastuzumab [Herceptin]; capecitabine; cisplatin on Gastric Cancer in individuals ages 18 years and older. This clinical trial is slated to start December 2011 and is expected to end circa May 2019.

888-662-6728 (U.S. Only)
Reference Study ID Number: BO27798
Overall Study Contact Info
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RecruitingReference Study ID Number: BO27798 (U.S. Only)


Tula, Russian Federation - Terminated

Chernivtsi, Ukraine - Recruiting

Cherkassy, Ukraine - Recruiting

Budapest, Hungary - Recruiting

Adana, Turkey - Recruiting

Madrid, Spain - Recruiting

Stavropol, Russian Federation - Recruiting

Barcelona, Spain - Completed

Mannheim, Germany - Recruiting

Barcelona, Spain - Active, not recruiting

Arequipa, Peru - Recruiting

Johannesburg, South Africa - Recruiting

Cape Town, South Africa - Recruiting

Bloemfontein, South Africa - Recruiting

Porto Alegre, RS - Recruiting

Guangzhou, China - Recruiting

Lima, Peru - Recruiting

Changchun, China - Recruiting

Sremska Kamenica, Serbia - Recruiting

Belgrade, Serbia - Active, not recruiting

S?hhiye, ANKARA, Turkey - Recruiting

Szolnok, Hungary - Active, not recruiting

Izmir, Turkey - Recruiting

Belgrade, Serbia - Terminated

Chang Sha, China - Recruiting

Berlin, Germany - Recruiting

Los Angeles, California - Recruiting

Beijing, China - Recruiting

St Petersburg, Russian Federation - Recruiting

Beijing, China - Recruiting

Lima, Peru - Active, not recruiting

Incheon, Korea, Republic of - Completed

Praha 8, Czech Republic - Completed

Pasig City, Philippines - Terminated

Manila, Philippines - Terminated

Beijing, China - Terminated

Trujillo, Peru - Terminated

Lima, Peru - Terminated

Beijing, China - Recruiting

Budapest, Hungary - Recruiting

Los Angeles, California - Terminated

Vi¤a del Mar, Chile - Recruiting

La Jolla, California - Terminated

Ryazan, Russian Federation - Recruiting

Izmir, Turkey - Active, not recruiting

Oaxaca, Mexico - Completed

Monterrey, Mexico - Recruiting

Mexico City, Mexico - Recruiting

Distrito Federal, Mexico - Recruiting

Seoul, Korea, Republic of - Recruiting

Santiago, Chile - Terminated

Santiago, Chile - Recruiting

Sorocaba, SP - Recruiting

Sao Paulo, SP - Completed

Barretos, SP - Recruiting

Goiania, GO - Not yet recruiting

Portland, Oregon - Terminated

New York, New York - Recruiting

Wichita, Kansas - Terminated

Goshen, Indiana - Recruiting

Praha 2, Czech Republic - Active, not recruiting

Olomouc, Czech Republic - Active, not recruiting

Istanbul, Turkey - Recruiting

Wuhan, China - Recruiting

Shanghai, China - Recruiting

Panama, Panama - Recruiting

Bundang City, Korea, Republic of - Recruiting

Woodville South, South Australia - Recruiting

Wahroonga, New South Wales - Terminated

Gaziantep, Turkey - Active, not recruiting

Brno, Czech Republic - Recruiting

Seoul, Korea, Republic of - Recruiting

Seoul, Korea, Republic of - Recruiting

Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Recruiting

Donetsk, Ukraine - Recruiting

Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine - Recruiting

Auckland, New Zealand - Recruiting

Ivanovo, Russian Federation - Recruiting

Porto, Portugal - Recruiting

Warsaw, Poland - Recruiting

Lublin, Poland - Recruiting

Frankfurt, Germany - Terminated

Krakow, Poland - Terminated

Pisa, Toscana - Recruiting

Whittier, California - Recruiting

Sarajewo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Recruiting

Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Recruiting

Port Macquarie, New South Wales - Recruiting

Charleston, South Carolina - Recruiting

Nanjing, China - Recruiting

Nis, Serbia - Recruiting

Pecs, Hungary - Recruiting

Szombathely, Hungary - Recruiting

Veszprem, Hungary - Recruiting

Catanzaro, Calabria - Recruiting

Bologna, Emilia-Romagna - Recruiting

Reggio Emilia, Emilia-Romagna - Recruiting

Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia - Recruiting

Milano, Lombardia - Recruiting

Ancona, Marche - Terminated

Florence, Toscana - Recruiting

Kiev, Ukraine - Recruiting

Lvov, Ukraine - Recruiting

Denbighshire, United Kingdom - Recruiting

Leicester, United Kingdom - Terminated

Southampton, United Kingdom - Active, not recruiting

Wolverhampton, United Kingdom - Recruiting

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