The Myocet/Lapatinib Study. ICORG 10-03, V5

- The folks at ICORG- All Ireland Cooperative Oncology Research Group are studying the effects of non-pegylated liposomal doxorubicon (MyocetT); Lapatinib (TyverbT) on Her2 Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer in females ages 18 years and older. This clinical trial is slated to start March 2011 and is expected to end circa October 2016.

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This study is officially titled, "A Phase I/II Study of Lapatinib Plus Myocet TM in Patients With HER2+ve Metastatic Breast Cancer Following Disease Progression During, or After, Treatment With Trastuzumab and Taxanes."


Cork University Hospital

Cork, Ireland - Recruiting

Bon Secours Hospital

Cork, Ireland - Recruiting

St. Vincent's University Hospital

Dublin, Ireland - Recruiting

St James's Hospital

Dublin, Ireland - Recruiting

Mater Private Hospital

Dublin, Ireland - Recruiting

Beaumont Hospital

Dublin, Ireland - Recruiting

Mater Misercordiae University Hospital

Dublin, Ireland - Recruiting

Galway University Hospital

Galway, Ireland - Recruiting

Midwestern Reginal Hospital

Limerick, Ireland - Recruiting

Waterford Regional Hospital

Waterford, Ireland - Recruiting

For more study details, please visit this link to record, which is the source of this webpage.