Heather Health Care Center

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Heather Health Care Center is a 173-bed Medicare-certified nursing home, with an overall rating of 2 (out of 5) stars. There have been 10 deficiencies found over the course of 4 inspections since 03/12/2010.

15600 SOUTH HONORE STREET, Harvey, IL, 60426
overall rating
2 out of 5 stars
occupancy68.2% (118 of 173)
Harvey, IL, 60426
categoryMedicare and Medicaid
ownershipFor profit - Corporation
resident/family council?RESIDENT
focus facility?NO
 (708) 333-9550
Health Inspections
2 out of 5 stars
Nurse Staffing
2 out of 5 stars
RN Only
2 out of 5 stars
Quality Measures
4 out of 5 stars
DateDate FixedComplaint
02/16/201006/29/2010Quality Care Deficiencies
Provide necessary care and services to maintain or improve the highest well being of each resident.
02/16/201003/12/2010Resident Assessment Deficiencies
Make sure that a doctor approves a resident's admission in writing and that each resident remains under the care of a doctor.
DateDate FixedDeficiency
04/26/201205/15/2012Resident Rights Deficiencies
Keep residents' personal and medical records private and confidential.
04/26/201205/15/2012Resident Rights Deficiencies
Try to resolve each resident's complaints quickly.
04/26/201205/15/2012Mistreatment Deficiencies
Keep each resident free from physical restraints, unless needed for medical treatment.
04/26/201205/15/2012Nutrition and Dietary Deficiencies
Prepare food that is nutritional, appetizing, tasty, attractive, well-cooked, and at the right temperature.
04/25/201206/10/2012Exits and Egress Deficiencies
Exits that are accessible at all times.
04/25/201206/10/2012Automatic Sprinkler Systems Deficiencies
An approved automatic sprinkler system connected to the fire alarm system.
04/23/201005/10/2010Hazardous Area Deficiencies
Special areas constructed so that walls can resist fire for one hour or an approved fire extinguishing system.
03/12/201003/12/2010Resident Rights Deficiencies
Give residents a notice of rights, rules, services and charges.
03/12/201003/29/2010Resident Rights Deficiencies
Allow residents to easily view the results of the nursing home's most recent inspection.
03/12/201003/31/2010Resident Rights Deficiencies
Allow residents to self-administer drugs if determined safe.